C’mon, smile, baby, at the best tweets of the week / Royko: A textual analysis

April 19, 2017
C'mon, smile, sweetie! It's time again for the Tweet of the Week poll!

Last week’s winner: The situation in Syria is incredibly complex, but if anyone can unravel it it’s a reality TV host who lost money running a casino” by @OwensDamien. My favorite this week isn’t exactly a knee-slapper, but it’s so apt! “If it’s so normal and well-intended, why don’t men tell other men to smile?” by @curlycomedy. I can usually guess which one will come in last. This week I’m picking “If you can’t handle my shenanigans you can’t have my tomfoolery,” by @soulindivision. Even I know that it’s a niche joke, if that.

While Rauner picks at workers' comp, 2 grand bargains fade While Rauner picks at workers’ comp, 2 grand bargains fade Just one column this week because I took the end of last week off to drive from Boston to Ann Arbor with a high school / college chum. This is one of my nerdy, policy columns that I just can’t help myself from writing. The voice inside my head telling me to be more slapdash and zietgeisty is evidently not quite loud enough.
Making it look easy was the hallmark of Mike Royko's artistry Making it look easy was the hallmark of Mike Royko’s artistry This is the column I wrote following the death of Mike Royko 20 years ago this month. It is not a personal reminiscence as I had no personal relationship with Royko to speak of. But I thought I should write something. And I think it’s more meaningful than another “When I was drinking with Mike down at the Goat…” story.
Heavenly conversation Heavenly conversation Another update this week in the online conversation I’m having with Moody Bible Institute scholar Bryan O’Neal about the nature of heaven. We’re now also dickering about atheistic values. What fun!
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