New York Today: Easter Monday in Little Poland

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Kielbasas at Sikorski Meat Market in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Good morning on this cloudy-to-clear Monday. It’s Easter Monday, and residents of Little Poland in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, are celebrating Smigus-dyngus (pronounced SHMEE-goose DING-goose), also known as Wet Monday. The spring celebration, held the day after Easter, includes a tradition of young men dousing water on women as part of a courting ritual, said Marek Skulimowski, president of the Kosciuszko Foundation, the American center for Polish culture based on the Upper East Side. Today, the ritual has evolved to include squirt-gun battles and water fights among friends and family in Little Poland. (Women, these days, fling water as well.) By the late 19th century, Greenpoint, a neighborhood of private farms, had been transformed by shipbuilding and other waterfront industries. Polish immigrants flocked to the area, bringing food, culture and language that can still be found at shops and churches scattered throughout the rapidly evolving community. Today, New York hosts the largest population of people of Polish ancestry in the United States. At Polonia Bookstore, shoppers can find Polish newspapers and books, along with plastic, egg-shaped squirt guns for today’s water fight. The walls are covered with photographs of Pope John Paul II, who was Polish and who visited the nearby St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in 1979. Read More, and See Today’s Weather and Commute »

On Easter, Chic in Everything but Black
Thousands of New Yorkers and tourists thronged Fifth Avenue in Manhattan from 47th to 57th Streets as church services let out around the city.
Girl Scouts from Troop 6000 on an outing this month. The troop was created in February at a Queens hotel where homeless families have been placed.

Living by the Girl Scout Law, Even Without a Home

Troop 6000 is the first in New York City composed solely of homeless girls. A reflection of the state of homelessness in the city, it is also a source of pride for its members.

Officers Efrain Morales, left, and Joshua Jones with body cameras in 2014. Police labor unions and civil liberties lawyers plan to challenge a New York pilot program.

Civil Rights Lawyers Plan to Challenge New York’s Body-Camera Program

Police unions also have objections to the guidelines for the pilot program, which was to begin this month but continues to face roadblocks.

Anneke Lucas of Brooklyn, a sex-trafficking victim when she was a child, started an online petition calling for legislation to combat trafficking. It has over 54,000 signatures.

Bill Seeks to Enlist New York Hotels to Help Fight Sex Trafficking

The legislation would require hotels to train employees to spot victims and common trafficking activity.

Flowers near where the police found Vanessa Marcotte's body last year in Princeton, Mass.

Man Arrested in Killing of a New York Woman Jogging in Massachusetts

The police said that DNA collected from Vanessa Marcotte’s hands helped lead to an arrest in her death.

Grace Notes
Part of Martina Mrongovius's use of old slides from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in an exhibition at the Materials for the Arts gallery in Long Island City, Queens.

Donated Slides From the Met Get a Second Life, and Showing

The Metropolitan Museum of Art had thousands of 35-millimeter slides it no longer needed. Material for the Arts knew just what to do with them.

New York Living
In the past, hotel executives played down Airbnb's impact on their industry, but documents reveal a

Inside the Hotel Industry’s Plan to Combat Airbnb

Nicholas Lucivero, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, was killed in 1957 when a train hit his milk truck in Queens. The story became a childhood obsession for Mr. Walowitz.

Ode to a Milkman, Killed 60 Years Ago, Soothes His Family

Interactive Feature

Live Concert and Q&A with Sheryl Crow

A pilot and her portrayer: Beverley Bass and Jenn Colella after an October 2016 concert performance of

A Pioneering Pilot, a Broadway Show and a Life-Changing Bond

The Yankees' Greg Bird ended his 1-for-26 slump with a two-run home run in the second inning Sunday against the St. Louis Cardinals.
Yankees 9, Cardinals 3

Behind a Resurgent Greg Bird, the Yankees Win Their Seventh Straight

Miguel Rojas heading to the plate after J.T. Riddle's game-winning homer in the bottom of the ninth for Miami. The Marlins won three straight against the Mets in their final at-bat.
Marlins 4, Mets 2

Mets Avoid a No-Hitter and Stage a Late Rally, but That Isn’t Enough

Metropolitan Diary

Dear Diary: A heap of discarded scratch-off lottery tickets filled an entire seat on the subway car. I reached over to inspect them. “Are you serious?” my college boyfriend asked, shooting me a look. He was a Brooklyn native, and I, a newly naturalized United States citizen and first-time visitor to New York City, thought better of challenging him. At some point during the long ride, though, I found myself glancing again at the scratched-off tickets. “What do you know?” I thought, focusing on one of them. “The cherries all line up. Bingo!” I pulled a partly hidden ticket out of the pile to see if there was a prize. There was. Cherries: $1. I grabbed a handful of tickets and quickly began to sort through them. Read More, and See Today’s Weather and Commute »

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