New York Today: The Ramapoughs vs. the World

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The Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp along the Ramapo River in New Jersey, where the Ramapough Lenape Nation has been staging a protest against a proposed oil pipeline.

Christopher Occhicone for The New York Times
The Ramapoughs vs. the World
Will an oil pipeline proposed for tribal lands destroy the Ramapough Lenape Nation along the New Jersey-New York border? Or will it be the catalyst that once again unites the tribe?
Flowers near where the police found Vanessa Marcotte's body last year in Princeton, Mass.

Man Arrested in Killing of a New York Woman Jogging in Massachusetts

The police said that DNA collected from Vanessa Marcotte’s hands helped lead to an arrest in her death.

David First, in his Brooklyn apartment, led the noise-rock band the Notekillers, who played the New York music scene in the late 1970s and early '80s.

Revival for the Notekillers, Still Noisy After All These Years

The unsung noise-rock band and its leader, David First, are somewhat closer to having a moment. Finally.

Sunday Routine
The actor Josh Charles eating oatmeal for breakfast with his son.

How the Actor Josh Charles Spends His Sundays

Viewers of “The Good Wife” gasped when the lawyer played by Mr. Charles was suddenly killed. In real life, he is a guitar-strumming family man.

Neighborhood Joint
The walls of the Hat Shop, a narrow but cozy store on Thompson Street in SoHo, are decorated with every manner of dramatic hat.

Custom-Making Hats for Any Occasion (Even a Castle Wedding)

A narrow SoHo store offers fanciful toppers, along with an owner who can help you make the right fashion decisions.

Works in Progress
Brian Funk, a specialist of cherry trees at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Administrators there hope peak blooming coincides with the annual festival at the end of April.

Hoping Cherry Blossoms Won’t Arrive Early to Their Own Party

The annual festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden takes place at the end of April – regardless of when nature decides to push play.

Cathy Hawkins is an owner of the last Liberty House store, in Manhattan, which will shut down on April 27.

Liberty House and the Shifting Focus of Political Style

The closing of a store that made social justice the fabric of its business offers lessons about fashion and the meaning of resistance.

I Was Misinformed

Thanks for Your Service, Pothole Warrior

A pothole leaves the writer stranded on the Palisades Parkway, without a spare but with plenty of time to ponder how she got into this mess.

New York Living
A fairy shrimp in a vernal pond in the Long Island Pine Barrens.
N.Y.C. Nature

Careful Where You Step! Fairy Shrimp May Be Underfoot


Signs of Life in Todd Webb’s New York

An installation view of Anicka Yi's

The Beauty of Bacteria: Anicka Yi’s ‘Life Is Cheap’


The Legacy of David Letterman, Icon of the Grizzled Generation

Jose Reyes has started the season 4 for 43.

Mets Work to Get Jose Reyes Back Into a Groove at the Plate

The Yankees' Ronald Torreyes scored on a bad throw to home in the sixth inning on Saturday. St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez sent catcher Yadier Molina, left, scrambling to the backstop.
Yankees 3, Cardinals 2

Yankees Outlast a Jekyll-and-Hyde Starter to Beat the Cardinals


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