Watching: What You Should Watch This Weekend

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"Mystery Science Theater" is back in all its glory.
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Friday, April 7, 2017

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Margaret Lyons

Margaret Lyons

Dear Watchers,
I’ve been rewatching “Twin Peaks” ahead of the new season’s debut (May 21, on Showtime), and its spooky tone is starting to infiltrate my real-world experiences. Every bird’s chirp feels ominous, every cup of coffee somehow symbolic. I actually do wish my curtains could move silently. This is the TV equivalent of a book narrator’s voice somehow narrating the few minutes after you’ve stopped reading, or playing so much Tetris that the world looks blocky for a while. I have become “Twin Peaks,” and “Twin Peaks” has become me.
This weekend I’ll also be catching up on “Face Off” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” two of my favorite reality-contest shows. There’s plenty more to love over at Watching, too.
See you Monday.
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From left, Crow T. Robot, Jonah Ray and Tom Servo in
From left, Crow T. Robot, Jonah Ray and Tom Servo in “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return.” Darren Michaels/Netflix
This Weekend I Have … 90 Minutes, and I Like Jokes
‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return‘ 
When to watch: Stream it now, on Netflix.
Save it to your Watchlist.
At last, a revival of something actually worth reviving. This beloved series, in which a man and his robot companions snark on hilariously bad B-movies, is back for 14 new episodes, with a different cast but the same outlook and style — and mercifully, the same reliable, giddy humor.
Jonah Ray is our hero for this iteration, still flanked by Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, who are now voiced by the comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn. Maybe you can go home again.
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From left, Sophie Hopkins, Katherine Kelly and Greg Austin in
From left, Sophie Hopkins, Katherine Kelly and Greg Austin in “Class.” Simon Ridgeway/BBC America
… 2 Hours, and I Know What A Tardis Is
Doctor Who‘ (Season Premiere) and ‘Class,’ (Series Premiere) 
When to watch: Starting Saturday at 9 p.m., on BBC America.
Save “Doctor Who” and “Class” to your Watchlist.
“Doctor Who” returns for its 10th season — featuring a new companion, Bill — followed at 10:10 p.m. by the series premiere of its latest spinoff, “Class.” It’s been over a year since we’ve had a new “Doctor Who” episode, and Peter Capaldi has already announced that this will be his last season as the Doctor. The only constant is change, I guess!
“Class” like the other spinoffs, “Torchwood” and “The Sarah Jane Adventures,” exists within the Whoniverse but has its own stand-alone stories. The show is set in Coal Hill School, where a group of high school students is called upon to battle the supernatural forces of evil. It’s a solid enough school drama, particularly if you’re desperately into “The Magicians.”
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A contestant in
A contestant in “Beverly Hills Dog Show.” Steven Donahue/See Spot Run Photography
… 2 Hours, and God Loves a Terrier
‘Beverly Hills Dog Show 
When to watch: Sunday at 8 p.m., on USA.
NBC already airs the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving, so airing another dog show on Easter Sunday on a sister network doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. (The sister network, USA, used to broadcast the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but it lost the rights in 2015.) The actual event took place on March 4 and 5, but it’s not as though a dog show’s charm has an expiration date.
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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
  • The Good Fight” season finale comes out Sunday on CBS All Access. The show has already been renewed, and it’s a terrific lawyer show — but your mileage may vary on whether you want to pay for another streaming service just to get one new show.
  • Sunday is a big night on HBO: The third-season premiere of “The Leftovers” is at 9 p.m., followed by the series finale of “Girls” at 10 and the sixth-season premiere of “Veep” at 10:30. That’s a real rollercoaster of emotions packed into two hours. According to The Times's James Poniewozik, the final season of “The Leftovers” “sets up the series’s endgame, and possibly humanity’s — not as a horror-story disaster but as a melancholy, beautiful and mordant cosmic joke.”
  • Fans of the “Iron Chef” franchise, take heart: There’s a new “Iron Chef” iteration starting at 9 p.m. on Food Network. “Iron Chef Gauntlet” pits seven chefs against one another in competition to become an Iron Chef. Sure, why not.
  • Finally, Showtime’s new six-part mini-series “Guerrilla,” set in London in the 1970s, debuts Sunday at 9 p.m. The Times’s Neil Genzlinger says it is “notable for its unromanticized view of a period that can be subject to mythmaking, and for its deceptively diffuse buildup to a fabulous final hour.”  
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From top, Trula Hoosier, Barbara-O, right, and Alva Rogers in
From top, Trula Hoosier, Barbara-O, right, and Alva Rogers in “Daughters of the Dust.” Cohen Film Collection
Rent This Dreamlike Historical Drama
Monica Castillo

Monica Castillo

‘Daughters of the Dust’
Where to watch: Rent it from AmazoniTunes and other platforms.
Save it to your Watchlist.
Restored for its 25th anniversary, “Daughters of the Dust,” the first widely released film directed by an African-American woman, is now available to rent on major streaming platforms. 

Set on an island off the South Carolina coast in 1902, “Daughters” follows several members of the Peazant family as they decide whether to stay at their home or move to the mainland for better opportunities. With sun-dappled cinematography and loose-flowing costumes, the film creates a dreamy impression of the lives and struggles of its many characters, including a woman’s unborn child who serves as the film’s narrator. “Daughters of the Dust” is like a family heirloom, filled with stories and emotions, and now it can be shared with a new generation. 

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