Picks of the Week: Brush up on burger basics for Memorial Day cookouts

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
New book offers recipes for easy meatless eating
From the editors of Cooking Light magazine comes the new cookbook, “Everyday Vegetarian” (Oxmoor House, 352 pages, $21.95), with more than 150 recipes.No special ingredients needed here; every recipe can be made with items found in a traditional grocery store, which helps to make vegetarian cooking more accessible.Just in time for summer is the chapter featuring colorful, bountiful salads, like this one that combines roasted beets and farro. […]
Breaking Bread: Kids learn not to turn noses up at vegetables
Kids and vegetables don’t always mix.Broccoli and cauliflower often meet with sideways glances and wrinkled noses from the 12-and-under set.That was the case with Brooklynn Mills, a third-grader at Easthaven Elementary School on the Southeast Side.The 8-year-old took part in a vegetable tasting at her school, which included a baby carrot, a cherry tomato (the fruit that takes like a vegetable) and a sugar snap pea.When the tasting ended, Brooklynn […]
Ask Lisa: Aren’t all pickles gluten-free?
Q: I saw a jar of dill pickles labeled “gluten free” at the grocery today. Help a senior citizen understand why this would be needed if there are no grains in the contents. Did I miss something?— Dan Bear, WestervilleA: I hate to be the one to break it to you, but yes, you are missing something.Some pickles are made with malt vinegar, which is produced from barley, a grain that can be problematic for those who can’t tolerate gluten. […]
Brush up on burger basics for Memorial Day cookouts
Memorial Day often marks the first cookout of the year — and, for many people, such an occasion means burgers.The scent of beef patties charring on the grill signals the unofficial start to summer.Along with dusting off the grill grates, though, you might also want to brush up on burger techniques.Two area experts — Josh Yosick, regional executive chef for Rusty Bucket restaurants, and Matthew Vardaris, executive chef at Giant Eagle Market District in […]
Recipes from the cover: Texas Sheet Cake
Recipe adapted from “Southern Living’s Texas BBQ”TEXAS SHEET CAKEMakes 24 servings1½ cups spicy cola soft drink, such as Dr. Pepper1 cup vegetable or canola oil½ cup unsweetened cocoa2 cups all-purpose flour1 cup granulated sugar1 cup firmly packed light brown sugar1½ teaspoons baking soda½ teaspoon table salt½ cup buttermilk2 large eggs, lightly beaten2 teaspoons vanilla […]
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