7 ways to entertain your kids (while sneaking in some learning)

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Make learning fun with these 7 educational apps and gadgets for kids
Looking for STEM-oriented apps and tech toys for kids? Choose from our list of gadgets that will help them learn and keep them entertained.
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Nordstrom’s $425 mud-covered jeans are confusing
Nordstrom’s mud-covered jeans go beyond distressed denim. They’re denim in distress.
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Want more bang for your Starbucks? We tested 8 money-saving hacks
A Starbucks habit can really add up — unless you use the money-saving tips found here.
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Seriously, Starbucks?! Now there’s a Pink Pegasus Frappuccino
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6 spring trends that are perfect for decorating (and eating!)
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See how to turn a $1 knife into a magic kitchen tool
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