Would you pay $425 for fake mud-splattered jeans?

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Nordstrom’s $425 mud-covered jeans are confusing
Nordstrom’s mud-covered jeans go beyond distressed denim. They’re denim in distress.
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His wife was going through radiation treatments, so he brought his desk to her
This 17-year-old captured her dad waiting outside her mom’s room while she undergoes radiation treatment.
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‘I don’t like the word ‘accomplice,” Ivanka Trump tells TODAY in exclusive interview
President Trump’s daughter is in Germany in her first trip overseas as part of the White House staff.
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Serena Williams didn’t mean to reveal pregnancy on Snapchat: ‘You press the wrong button …’
As it turns out, the tennis champ’s happy news was meant to remain private news for a little while longer.
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After being paralyzed from the waist down, man walks again
Doctors told Cole Thomas he’d never walk after his car accident. Seven months later, he walked out of rehab and hopes to inspire others.
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The Wonders from ‘That Thing You Do!’ reunited! See their performance
Three of the four band members from the Tom Hanks movie came back together to do “That Thing You Do” once more.
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See a song from the new Broadway musical ‘Anastasia’ performed live on TODAY Best of Broadway
Best of Broadway week on TODAY continues with a number from the brand-new musical “Anastasia.” Christy Altomare, who plays the title role of a young Russian woman struggling to discover her royal heritage, sings one of the show’s songs, “Journey to the Past,” live in the studio.
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Pope Francis urges humility and solidarity in surprise speech
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Want to get healthier? Join our Summer Shape-Up program
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Seriously, Starbucks?! Now there’s a Pink Pegasus Frappuccino
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