Try this 7-minute morning workout from Dr. Oz

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Start your morning with this 7-minute workout from Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz showed Joy Bauer the 7-minute workout routine that helps him start his day. Follow along!
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Exercise can boost brain power, prevent heart damage
Doctors don’t fully understand why exercise is so good for your body, but they’ve just found more benefits of working out.
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Join the Drop 10 TODAY Challenge!
Join Joy Bauer’s Drop 10 TODAY! Her meal plans will help you get healthy just in time for summer.
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Drop 10 TODAY: Joy Bauer’s healthy lunch recipes
Each lunch option contains no more than 400 calories, and each dinner option contains no more than 500 calories.
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Hungry? These foods will keep you full longer
One approach to managing appetite is to focus on the flip side of hunger: fullness. These foods will keep you satisfied longer.
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Are you being cushioned? 5 ways to know
OK, so you know what breadcrumbing means… But what about cushioning?
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Do you have a question about parenting or relationships? Here’s how to ask Dr. Phil
Submit your question and Dr. Phil may answer it live in an upcoming segment on April 27.
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Joy Bauer’s Drop 10 TODAY grocery list
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Mom of 7 kindly donates kidney to co-worker she barely knows
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Frito-Lay issues jalapeño potato chip recall — here’s what you need to know
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