The stuff they don’t talk about during Autism Awareness Month

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The stuff they don’t talk about during Autism Awareness Month
I am not sad because my kid has autism. It’s all the other stuff that comes with the autism that can get bent.
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Divorced couple, new spouses win co-parenting at daughter’s soccer game
One family is determined not to let divorce rain on their team spirit.
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Matt Lauer on having ‘the talk’ with his teen son: ‘It was a complete fail’
Matt Lauer opened up about the teeth-gritting moment every teen dreads.
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7-year-old fakes note from school saying he needs to play more video games
A boy in Utah came up with a genius idea to get more video game time at home — and it worked! Kind of.
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Let’s make a deal: Father and daughter’s creative compromise on social media
Bradley Herbst came up with a creative way to spend time with his teenage daughter: no texting or social media on the way to school or he’ll embarrass her by walking her into school wearing an outrageous costume. The father of two snaps photos every day in a new getup before taking her to school. The costumes have been a hit on social media and a way for him to get some much needed father-daughter time. NBC’s Kerry Sanders has TODAY’s Feel Good Friday feature.
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This fairy tale playroom is what kids’ dreams are made of
This drab basement was transformed into a magical, fairy tale forest for kids. See how it was done!
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It’s ‘people’s choice’ time! Vote for your favorite parenting blogger
Mom and dad bloggers make us laugh, cry and feel less alone as parents. And now there’s a special way to honor them.
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Do you know a magnificent mama? Tell us what makes them so special
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The best used cars for teens: What to know before buying
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This dad illustrates the funniest kids’ quotes in ‘I love you with all my butt’
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