What is a Direct Drive Motor?

Most folks tend to think that a Direct Drive Motor (D.D.M.) is something really alien to them, but it is much simpler than you might think. First off, it is something that doesn’t have any screw heads, so the entire system is really only a few simple things that can be done or that aren’t done.

There are many different things that can be combined to produce a D.D.M. It can be a series of magnets, or even the combination of two D.D.M. magnets. No matter what, when you are building the assembly it is always important to combine the appropriate parts to keep the assembly as close to the optimal performance of each other as possible.

The two main components of a D.D.M. are the drive and the stator. A regular stepper motor is often seen in a D.D.M.

Just as the name suggests, this is a simple electromechanical motor. If you are wondering why it is simple, the reasons are actually rather complex. While a screw drive or belt driven motor may seem more complex, the truth is that a D.D.M. uses very little power to move the shaft.

All the motor needs to do is put energy into motion by generating mechanical energy from a magnetic field. When a magnet is put onto the shaft, a magnetic field is generated, which then pushes the shaft in a forward motion.

Direct drive motors can be found on various applications, like automatic hand tools, lawnmowers, snow blowers, and so forth. If you are thinking about using one for your lawnmower, you will want to be sure that you choose the proper drive type for your application. The different drive types are easily differentiated by the type of shaft that is used, and this will also make a difference in how well it performs.

For example, a screw drive lawnmower is going to get its energy from the moving screw. With a regular motor, the power source will be the magnetic field produced. When using a regular motor for a D.D.M. you will not be able to use the electric meter in order to run your mower.

The electric meter can still be used on a D.D.M. but you will want to use a cheap electrical meter for that.