Motorbike Conversions – Can They Be Done?

With the popularity of Motocross and dirt bikes, many people are interested in how to convert a Motorbike to run on gasoline. This article looks at how to do this and if it is possible, at what point the bike is too far gone for a Honda rebuild.


Converting a Motorcycle to run on Gasoline can be achieved in many ways. Many times the choice is between an off-the-shelf Motorbike engine or using a donor engine. The next article will look at both choices and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The second option is just buying a motor and installing the engine. The benefits are obvious, as the owner can stay in his own garage and use the fuel source as desired. Also this is less costly than a full Honda rebuild.

The third option is to buy a conversion kit. These kits are not so easy to install, however they can be used to convert most any Motorbike to run on gasoline. The disadvantage is that the conversion may need re-spraying or a repaint in some cases. Also, most kits do not come with a full MOT inspection by the manufacturer.

The last option is to build the motor from scratch. This is easier than it sounds because there are kits available that will convert a Motorbike engine to run on Gasoline. The downside to building the motor from scratch is that the owner must learn all the parts and have all the tools required to do the job.

It should be noted that when a Motorbike is too far gone for a Honda rebuild it is usually a case of fixing the electrical problems first. The Motorcycle will probably need a complete MOT inspection before the Motorbike can be sold to a buyer.

In addition, if the motor needs an MOT inspection the MOT will cause the MOT audit to cost an additional $500. With all these factors considered, converting a Motorbike to run on Gasoline is really no better than doing it by off-the-shelf parts.

Now you can know whether converting a Motorbike to run on Gasoline is an option for you or not. Or if you want to build your Motorbike from scratch, we hope this article has helped.