Essential Tools for Vertical Grinder Operation

A vertical grinder is a common piece of equipment for the woodworker who wants to cut out small pieces of hard wood. It does not have the same power of a table saw, but it does come close to being as efficient. The way a vertical grinder cut is similar to that of a table saw, only much more efficient. There are five different axes with which to cut wood; these are:

Vertical Grinder

Yoke – A yoke is simply a piece of wood that attaches to the vertical grinder. By setting the vertical grinder at a specific angle, the yoke fits around the workpiece and, once secured, tightens around the workpiece, cutting the wood in the crosswise direction. To control the angle of this cut, the user simply changes the clamping force. Higher clamping forces result in tighter cuts. The most common use of a yoke is to attach large workpieces to small works or even just to hold two workpieces together.

Grinding Axis – The grinder’s two rotating cutting edges also control the angular precision and speed of the operation. The two major types of grinder axes are the Reading/Yoke and the Scissor-Flip. The Readiness angle is what controls the speed of the operation. When it is set correctly, the machine will run at the same speed forever without having to reset. This is ideal for getting optimal results when cutting very large pieces.

Face Grinder – A face grinder has a flat plate surface that the user pushes into to push a workpiece into. In order to do this, there must be a strong clamping force applied to the face of the workpiece. The most commonly used face grinder, the Schluter-Kerdi, has a user-friendly two-button switch that sets the clamping force at a comfortable level for maximum ease of use. This system can also be directly attached to the vertical grinder with its separate attachment or via an adaptor. Most horizontal vertical grinders have a fixed face plate that has to be removed in order to work on the inside surfaces of a workpiece. This makes face grinding very difficult, sometimes impossible, when using a vertical grinder.

Stock Removal – A stock removal device is an attachment that can be used with vertical grinder systems to easily remove the grinding blade from the unit. There are two types of stock removal devices: the stock clamp and the slide. Both of these devices use a simple spring latch mechanism to secure the stock against the vertical grinding spindle. This feature allows a workpiece to be held tightly against the face of the vertical grinder and cuts down on the possibility of damage or accidents. This type of removal is very popular among workers who like to alter their configurations without taking their Vertical Grinder apart first. Most stock removal devices are sold separately from the vertical grinder.